3-layer Single Strip Flooring CosLoc 5G


Thickness: 5/8″
Width: 5″, 7 1/2″
Length: from 1″ to 6″, 7″
CosLoc 5G locking system is licensed by Valinge Innovation (Sweden).
Microbevel on all 4 sides.

Rated for radiant floors, lifetime warranty on construction.


The top, or ‘wear’ layer is 4mm thick and can be sanded up to 4 times. Coswick uses only sawn lamellas for top layer because sawn hardwood veneers have no internal checks that might cause face splits in lamella later on. Sawn hardwood lamellas are 100% solid wood and preserve the rich grain texture appearance.
Middle layer is made of cross-laid interconnected solid birch bars. Thickness of the middle layer is 8 mm. Cork compensators are added every 6” in order to and help to balance internal stress, increase dimensional stability of the plank and eliminate squeaking in floors. Bottom layer is 3 mm solid birch lamella.


Coswick uses solid birch for middle and bottom layers instead of traditional softwood. This helps to enhance internal balance of hardwood planks and reduce possibility of twisting or warping. Additionally, solid middle layer  reatly improves thermo- and sound insulating properties of engineered flooring. Coswick 3-layer engineered hardwood floors have minimal movement and maintain superb dimensional stability through seasonal humidity  fluctuations.

Floating installation over wood or concrete subfloor. Can be installed above, on or below grade.


High-adhesion polyurethane glues are used to bond top hardwood veneer to plywood base. Extra strong bonding ensures that no delamination occurs even under elevated moisture conditions. Coswick polyurethane adhesives are 100% formaldehyde free and are environmentally friendly.

Installation methods:

3-layer engineered single strip CosLoc flooring is floated over a subfloor or underlayment. The planks do not need to be glued down, nailed or stapled. Single Cosloc strips are interlocked on all 4 sides. If needed, installed Cosloc floors can be taken apart and re-installed elsewhere.