Coswick offers a wide selection of wood stair moldings, reducers, carpet reducers, stair nosings, T-moldings, end caps, and baseboards All accessories come prefinished inĀ  Coswick styles and surface finishes. Moldings are available prestained in any Coswick color, which enables color matching between floor and walls, floor and doors, floor and furniture. To view available moldings and accessories, please visit

In order to preserve the beauty and elegance of your hardwood floors for many years to come, Coswick has created a line of care products for lacquered and oiled wood floors. Coswick line of floor care products includes cleaners and cleaner concentrates for lacquer and oil finished hardwood floors, oil renewers, stains of all Coswick flooring colors, wax pencils, as well as complete service kits. To learn more about Coswick floor care products, please visit