How to Order FAQ

Do you offer free samples?

Yes, we offer up to four samples free of charge.  All of our samples are shipped via UPS ground.


How much does your flooring cost?

Our flooring prices range from $5-$15 per square foot and vary depending on grade, construction, width, and species.  Our best-selling wood flooring averages around $6 per square foot.


Are there any other costs?

In addition to the cost of flooring, you must pay freight charges to have your floors shipped from our warehouse near Toronto to your job site.  If you need lift gate service* there is usually a $75-$150 additional charge depending on the carrier.  Your sales representative will give you an accurate estimate of shipping costs prior to order placement. Aside from shipping, there are no additional costs.

*Lift gate service is used to unload floor pallets from the truck to your driveway.

How do I know how much flooring to buy?

If you are having your floor installed, your installation professional will calculate how many square feet of flooring you will need.  If you are doing it yourself, it is important to make accurate measurements.  To calculate how much flooring you will need*, measure the total area of the job site, then add 5%. Our representatives will assist you in ensuring that you have enough flooring to complete the job.

*for a standard interior

What other factors should I consider before placing my order?

It is important to order everything at the same time, as shipping costs for materials ordered separately can be prohibitive. Some of the items that you may need to order with your flooring are: prefinished moldings, floor care products such as cleaners and restorative oil, as well as floor stain in the color you have chosen.


What forms of payment do you accept?

We accept Visa, MasterCard, American Express, checks, as well as certified funds. Please allow up to 5 business days for your personal check to clear.


I am ready to place my order. What’s next?

We will provide a quote outlining the exact costs of flooring materials, freight, and sales tax (Colorado only), and collect payment upon your approval.


How far in advance should I order my flooring?

There are several factors in determining when to order your flooring:

1)      Freight time from the manufacturer’s warehouse near Toronto to your job site.

Typical freight time is 3-7 business days from the warehouse to any location in the continental US.

2)      Acclimation of the wood to your home’s climate

Engineered wood needs to be acclimated for 2-3 days, solid wood needs to be acclimated for 4-5 days before installation.

3)      Whether you need to order moldings with your flooring

Please add additional 24 hours if you are ordering moldings (all moldings is are custom stained and finished in our warehouse).

4)      In-stock versus special ordering

In-stock products can be shipped once the payment is collected. Items that are temporarily out-of-stock usually arrive within 2-4 weeks. Flooring products that are not regularly stocked in Canada need to be custom ordered from our manufacturing facilities in Europe, and may take 6-12 weeks to arrive. While we make every attempt to keep our inventory updated and accurate, please do not hesitate to contact us to check stock or inquire on times of arrival of out-of-stock products that interest you.


How do special orders work?

We require a 50% deposit of the material cost to initiate the special order.  Once your flooring is in our warehouse, we will notify you that the order is ready to ship and collect the remainder of the invoice amount.

Questions? Please contact us at (719) 229-4535 or use this form. Our representative will answer any questions you may have.