Chevron flooring pattern originated in 17th century France, where it quickly became one of the most preferred types of floors in the palaces of the kings and nobility alike. The main difference between chevron and herringbone patterns – minimal, as it may seem at first – makes for a visually rich, sophisticated design. While both chevron and herringbone floors are laid out in zig-zag pattern, chevron planks are cut to ensure that each “zig” and “zag” are connected at a 45 degree angle. For this reason, each set of chevron floors includes both right and left elements.

Coswick Chevron parquet flooring is a modern, technologically superior take on the traditional French floor. Manufactured using cutting-edge equipment, each plank is milled to precision. Paired with a dimensionally stable 2-layer T&G construction, this guarantees fast and worry-free installation.

Each plank has the dimensions of 12.7mm x 107.95mm x 530mm (lengthwise); planks are cut at 45-degree angle. The top lamellas are available in white oak, ash, and American walnut. Surface finishes include wear-resistant CosNanoTech+ lacquer and Silk Oil.

Coswick Chevron parquet flooring is available in 8 designer colors, including French Riviera, the designer stain that was created exclusively for this flooring collection.

Benefits of Chevron Floors:

  • Dimensionally stable 2-layer engineered technology;
  • High quality factory-applied surface finish;
  • Wide range of designer colors to choose from;
  • Plank dimensions are larger than that of traditional chevron flooring, which allows seamlessly use chevron within modern interiors that often call for larger formats


A modern take on traditional chevron parquet, Coswick Chevron collection expands the available range of designer products that are meant for creation of vintage interiors.

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