Mosaic Wood Floors

Coswick line of mosaic hardwood flooring includes four unique patterns, each of which forms its own color palette. All flooring patterns originate in the halls of world known Chateaus in France – Versailles, Trianon, Lageais, and Cheverny – and seek to recreate the spirit, elegance, and splendor of the past.

Coswick mosaic flooring is manufactured from white oak, ash, and American walnut. Each tongue-and-groove square module has dimensions of 25” x 25” x ¾” (635 mm x 635 mm x 19.05 mm). Hardwood mosaic modules are manufactured using engineered technology. Each module has two layers: the top layer is a 8 mm solid sawn wood lamella, while the bottom layer is 11 mm moisture resistant birch plywood. This construction technology gives engineered Coswick floors their superior dimensional stability, and allows for simple installation.

Coswick engineered mosaic wood flooring is intended for installation on or above ground level, using glue-down method.

Coswick line of mosaic wood floors includes the following products:

VersaillesNatural Oak, Barcelona, Marseille, Old Venice, Naples, Verona
TrianonNatural Oak, Barcelona, Marseille, Old Venice, Naples, Verona
LangeaisNatural Oak, Old Venice, Barcelona, Natural American Walnut, Natural Oak/ Walnut
ChevernyNatural Oak, Old Venice, Barcelona, Natural American Walnut, Natural Oak/Walnut

All mosaic floors come with factory-applied Hardwax Oil finish. This environmentally friendly surface finish consists of 3 layers of specialty wax oil, and is made using natural components, including wax of Carnauba palm tree. Hardwax Oil protects the flooring surface while allowing the wood to breathe, absorbing and releasing excess moisture back in the air. Hardwax Oil accentuates the grain texture and beauty of natural wood.

All Coswick mosaic wood floors come under Lifetime Structural Warranty, which means that the product will remain free from milling and grading defects for a lifetime. To learn more about Coswick warranties, please click here.

For Canada and USA, Coswick mosaic wood flooring is currently only available for custom order and require 6-10 (six to ten) weeks for manufacture and delivery.

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