Signature Ash Hardwood Flooring

Distinguishing feature of Signature ash hardwood flooring is the original look created when rich and pronounced grain texture of natural ash meets one of seven bright and bold designer colors that make up this collection. Lighter tones of Moonlight, Silvery and Pearl Grey result in a delicate looking floor that balances natural beauty with style. Tiger Eye, Cappuccino, and Como are bold and extravagant colors meant for brave and adventurous individuals.

Signature ash hardwood flooring comes with factory applied lacquer CosNanoTech+ matte finish. CosNanoTech+ finishing technology provides exceptional protection for your hardwood floors. The finish is built from 12 coats of top quality sealers and compounds with aluminum oxide added for extra durability. Crosslinked nano particles are used to increase finish elasticity and maintain high wear resistance. CosNanoTech+ finish has a 25-year finish warranty.

CosNanoTech+ matte provides all the protection of traditional CosNanoTech+ finish while preserving the matte sheen that makes floors very forgiving by concealing footprints, dust, as well as other signs of wear.

Signature ash hardwood flooring is available as solid hardwood, 2-layer engineered T&G, and 3-layer single strip flooring CosLoc 5G.

Coswick offers a full line hardwood flooring accessories, including nosings, reducers, baseboards, T-moldings and end caps. All ash flooring accessories come prestained in colors of Signature Ash collection and prefinished.

If you have any questions about our flooring, would like to order samples, or inquire about product availability, pricing and delivery times, please call us as at (719) 229-4535 or write to us.

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