Brushed & Oiled Oak Flooring

Brushed and Oiled Oak flooring collection is designed to highlight natural richness and deep grain of white oak. In wire brushed flooring, the soft portion of the wood is removed to expose the grain and bring enhanced definition to each plank.

The aged look that characterizes wirebrushed and oiled oak flooring is accented by Silk Oil coating. Unlike traditional polyurethane finish that creates a strong protective film on the floor surface, oil finish penetrates the wood, preserving its natural look and feel. Oiled flooring feels warm and smooth under your feet, it does not show dents and scratches nearly as much as other finishes do. It is very easy to maintain. Oil finish needs to be renewed once every few years; oil renewal is a simple DIY procedure.

Wirebrushed and oilod oak flooring comes in 6 distinct styles and is offered in a variety of widths – from 3 1/4″ strips to 6 1/4″ planks.

Wirebrushed and oiled flooring is available as solid hardwood, 2-layer engineered T&G, and 3-layer engineered single strip flooring CosLoc 5G.

Coswick offers a full line hardwood flooring accessories, including nosings, reducers, baseboards, T-moldings and end caps. All white oak flooring accessories come prestained in colors of Brushed and Oiled Oak collection and prefinished, which allows color matching between floor and walls, floor and doors, floor and furniture.

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